From inspections to overhauls, get ALL the services your Mustang needs right here at CCR!

Pre and post purchase inspection

Looking to get your hands on a vintage Mustang, but want the professionals to inspect it first? Or maybe you’ve just bought one, and want to know its true condition. Trust only CCR to get the most accurate inspection and you’ll know the exact condition of your Mustang.

Suspension and Steering Upgrades

Want your ride to feel like it’s brand new? Here at CCR, we provide suspension and steering upgrades that fit first-generation Mustangs to give them a smooth, factory ride or a more modern performance feel.

Brake Service and Upgrades

Brake technology has come a long way since the 60s and 70s. With our brake service and upgrades, you can get your factory brakes up to date or upgrade to larger 2 or 4 wheel disc brakes on your classic Mustang to enjoy a safe ride.

engine and transmission repair and upgrades

Is your Mustang getting tired or not shifting into all of its gears? With our expertise, your Mustang’s engine and transmission can get the necessary repairs and upgrades to run like a modern vehicle. CCR can also upgrade your Mustang with a new crate engine or modern overdrive transmission.

Wiring Repair or Replacement

Wiring is a critical part of an old Mustang. Have issues with your gauges or accessories working properly? The age and quality of previous repairs can be hard on the wiring. At CCR, we can repair your original wiring or replace it with new original-type or aftermarket wiring harnesses.

interior restoration

What’s a Mustang without a nice interior? Looks are a huge part of the Mustang’s appeal, that’s why here at CCR, we take extra care to restore interiors, from the carpet to the headliner, to their original glory.

Rust Repair and Metal Replacement

Got rust? CCR can get rid of all the rust in your Mustang, or even replace the metal altogether. No matter how bad the structure or exterior of your ride is, CCR can get it back to top condition.

Convertible Top Replacement

Is your convertible top not working properly or showing its age? Here at CCR, we can service your top frame and install a new convertible top so you can ride with the top up or down without any worries.

Complete Rotisserie Restoration

Need everything done? No problem. Here at CCR, we offer complete rotisserie restorations. We can take your car from a shell or driver’s condition and restore it to better-than-new.