The Shop

Located in Dallas, Georgia, CCR is the premiere restoration shop for Mustangs. Our state-of-the-art facility is capable of bringing ANY Mustang back to its full glory. Whether you’re looking for simple upgrades or a full-on restoration project, our shop will get your Mustang back to peak condition and performance.

we build them like they used to, but better

The Mustang took the world by storm back in ‘64 with its revolutionary design and performance. But just because it’s been over half a century, your first-generation Mustang doesn’t have to be outdated anymore.

With our expert craftsmanship and no-compromise policy, our Mustang builds are even BETTER than the first Mustangs that broke the market back in the day.



Founded in 2022, CCR is renowned for its expert craftsmanship. We work meticulously on every unit that comes through our doors to deliver only the very best.

No Compromises

Our no-compromise policy ensures that all our Mustangs receive only the highest quality work possible. From major body work to even the smallest spring or screw, we do NOT make compromises.

I have always loved Mustangs. I owned my first Mustang at age 17. I joined a local Mustang club shortly after and met other enthusiasts. I first learned to work on my Mustang out of necessity. After that, I started helping my friends work on their old Mustangs and it grew from there.

So after 25 years of working in the Mustang industry doing anything from general repairs to complete rotisserie restorations and 35 years of being an owner/ enthusiast, I decided to combine my job and my passion to create CCR. Here at CCR, we mainly focus on ‘64 to ‘73 model Mustangs. We don’t only bring Classic Mustangs back to their full glory, we improve upon them as well. For me, this is not just a job repairing old cars, it is a love for the car and it’s history that fuels me.

Rick Conquest


  • “My Mustang meets and exceeds expectations!

    Since the early 90s, I have taken my classic mustang to Rick for a variety of different projects. Over the years, Rick has upgraded and modified the front/rear suspension, fuel system, brakes, clutch, valve train, and cooling system. I have always been impressed with the level of workmanship, knowledge and attention to detail that Rick has put into each of those projects. Once I heard Rick opened Classic & Custom Restorations, my car was in his shop a few days later with a brand new project list. I am looking forward to getting my project completed and doing more business with Rick in the near future.

    Will W | Suwanee, GA